Monday, May 17, 2010

EOTD Azure Grape in Paradise

This EOTD was made with:
  • Hema eyeshadowbase
  • NYX jumbo pencil Black Bean
  • Gosh effect powder Paradise
  • Gosh effect powder Grape
  • Gosh effect powder Azure
  • 2True eyeshadow dazzler no. 3

I started with the hema eyeshadowbase and spread that along my eyelid up to the eyebrow. I applied Paradise as a highlighter below my brows and towards my crease. After that I applied Black Bean on my eyelid and spread it out into my crease and a little above it.
Then I applied Azure, a very nice seagreen colour, on the eyelid. The Black Bean nderneath turns it into a darker seagreen.

Into the crease and a little above (on top of the Black Bean) I applied Grape. A very nice purple with golden shimmer. Above Grape, I applied the 2True powder. I blended it all together and then applied some more colour.

Below the eye, I applied some Black Bean, and on top of that, I applied some Grape. On the inner eye croner I applied some Azure without any base.

I really like this colour combination.


  1. Wow I love the colours of this rainbow look!
    I'm pretty into purples and greens so I think this look is awesome.
    You always blend your eye shadows so well.
    How do you do that?
    I really suck a blending myself :S.


  2. @freya, im glad you like it. Well I just use a blendingbrush, thats all. It's from Hema, and not really epensive :) And Im not good at blending at all, trust me, im still learning. My cam always photographs sharp lines aswell, which annoys me sometimes.

  3. @suusie, thank you! It's always nice to read something like this, especially on an off-day :)

  4. Don't you just luuuurve Paradise? :-)