Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Elf Fantasy Fair 2010 , Pictures

I still haven't found all the pics online, but I won't wait any longer to show you :)
I don't have many pictures of the complete outfit because it was really hot and I took the bolero off after a while.

Me and my beloved in front of Castle Ter Haar:

Linda and me at the Enchantra booth:

My father in law:

Martijn(our nephew) and his father:

My sisterinlaw:

And Daan(our newest nephew):

I really had a great time and the weather was awesome. Met some great people and saw some people I hadn't seen in years. :)

Let me know if you are interested in pictures of the makeup, ifso, I can write a blog about it.


  1. Janny that corset is absolutely amazing!!! The whole outfit is gorgeous!

  2. Thanx Paula, It was really hot though, so I didn''t lace it up, which sould have given a kewler silhouet. But I went for comfort instead of looks, otherwise it would have melted off me hahaha.

  3. Gaaf die foto's! En dat corset van je staat mooi :) En die vleugels, wow!

    Die foto met Lin is lief :)

    (En stiekem wil ik nu ook een Super Mario kostuum hahaha)

  4. Always about going for comfort! Although you ar stunning enough to pull it off with looks at the same time :) xx

  5. hehehe. I got a cd full of pics of this photographer yesterday, and today I got some pics of another one. *yeay* :)