Saturday, May 8, 2010

China Glaze Haul

I ordered some China Glaze polishes at Enchantra a while ago, and on friday they were delivered! They were actually delivered on thrusday, but I was at work, so I got them yesterday :)

These polishes have been on my wishlist for a while and are also my -first- china glaze polishes. If I like these, I'll definately order more!

My Haul:

L8er G8ter, DV8, Atlantis, Ruby Pumps.

L8ter g8ter and Dv8 are both holographics, which I'm a bit addicted to. I love holographics almost as much as duochromes, but holographics seem easier to come buy.

L8er g8ter is a more Limegreen (like Rimmel -Jaded glamour), greener than on the pic, but it reflects lighter.
DV8 seems a blue, but it has a turquoise shine to it.
Atlantis is a rich green, filled with silver/holographic glitters.
Ruby Pumps is a very nice red, with a red glitter in it.

Enchantra also put a little thank you gift in it:
So sweet of her! I just read a blog somewhere, where someone used a sticker like this to make some awesome nailart. So I might try that out.

I'm really excited to try these all out, and how the polishes of China Glaze apply. I'm always searching for more colours, especially reds greens and purples. So if you have any recommendations..feel free to place them in a comment!


  1. Aaaaah ik zie Atlantis overal! Zou het een teken zijn denk je? :P

  2. @hanne, me 2 !

    @suzy, haha ik denk t wel. Deze staan al een tijdje op mn lijstje en kwam ineens overal mooie swatches tegen, toen -moest- ik ze hebben :)