Monday, May 31, 2010

Castlefest Costume & Last Years Elf Fantasy Fair

In august, there will be another 'fantasy' fair, called Castlefest. It's a bit smaller than the EFF, and I like the atmosphere better: it's more intimate and less commercial.
Anyway, I ordered our tickets already, and ideas for a new outfit have been flying through my mind. I've decided to make another peacock outfit, this time a short/summer version. Because, usually, it's a lot warmer that time of year. So a version of the bolero with short sleeves, and a short skirt, with probably a bustle with feathers, diff hair, diff hairpiece(I already got it!), diff makeup. (And if the better's bad, I can combine it with things from the previous peacock costume..)

I have to start looking for some more peacockfeathers, because I don't want to use the ones that are in my big black vase. I've always loved peacockfeathers and as a kid we always had a big vase somewhere full of them. When I moved out of my parents' house, I wanted to have them aswell. So my mom got me a big black vase and a lot of beautifull peacockfeathers. :)
To make a long story short, I have to start looking for them again, they aren't always easy to come by and can even be expensive. Which is a shame, otherwise I would have sewed on sooooooo much more.

For those of you who haven't seen my previous peacockoutfit, I'll share some photos with you for EFF 2009.

I made everything myself, except the corset, hat, fan and umbrella.

Me, my husband and my sisterinlaw:

closeup with my gorgeous fan:

An a few pics of the tryout makeup I did before:

 I used the 88 palette and 2 gosh velvet touch eyeliners.

I'm going to do a different makeup for castlefest though, I'm thinking about using Gosh and Barry M effectpowders. For expample Auqatic, which my beloved gave me this week, because it was the perfect peacock blue. So sweet of him :) And I have a Barry M dazzledust that I think resembles that peacock goldbrown perfectly. I want to do something more elaborate, but still easy to do, since I have to apply it early in the morning and I like to sleep as much as I can :P
I'll be doing some tryouts soon, maybe I'll even post them, if you'd like to see them. Tips and ideas are always welcome :)

If any of you want to see last years Castlefest outfits (we were there on 2 diff days), let me know, and I'll post them. :)

My brains were lagging again: last year we only went for one day, the year before we went for 2 days. *rollseyes*
Anyway, tomorrow I'll post some pics from last year's Castlefest costume.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Goodybox and Giveaway

On Thursdaynight, I got an email that I will be the next receiver of The Goodybox. The Goodybox is a box full of makeup that is searching for a new owner. You take out the things you like and put stuff back that you don't use yourself. You make a video or pics of what you did and after that the box goes to his next owner.
Anyway, the box started out as one box below 10 kilos, but it is very populair and the box was divided in two boxes. But those also started to become to be like over 10 kg, and in the summer they are going to get divided into 4 boxes! It's a great initiative that Linda of started.
Anyway, I'll be getting The Goodybox soon and because the box only goes to The Netherlands and Belgium, my blog about it will be in Dutch. Just so you know in advance :)

Like I said before, I will be doing another giveaway soon. I've been shopping for the giveaway and I can already tell you that I have some limited edition goodies and there will be products for you lips, eyes, cheeks and nails. The giveaway will be posted on June 4th, when this blog exists 6 months :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

NOTD: Thelma & Louise

This NOTD was made with the Essence Nail Art Twins, no. 1: Thelma & Louis.

These polishes are very easy to use: you start by applying the colour base, which is a dark purple in this case. I applied it in 2 layers, because it was a pretty thin substance. The base dries pretty fast.

Then you apply  the glitter topper, in this case a clear liquid with light and dark pink glitters and little square flecks.You can apply as much as you like, I applied a fair amount to get an even layer of glitters.

I also used a topcoat so the surface would feel smooth.

Stylish Blogger Award

I was tagged for this award by the lovely Suzy, Check out her blog!

The Rules:
State 5 random facts about yourself and pass the award on to 5 other bloggers.

1. Im a natural blond, but for some weird reason my natural hair colour makes me look sickly pale. Almost everyone has dark hair in my family, and when I still was a blonde, people didn’t see any resemblance between me and my family. After I dyed my hair, people started making comments like ‘are you related to….’ Insert my mothers, or brothers name. Really weird.

2. People who don’t know me, sometimes think I’m arrogant. But that’s just the way my face is, I’m actually a pretty shy person. Unless you’re in my circle of friends, then you can’t shut me up. :P

3. I really really hate injustice. Maybe because I’m a cop’s daughter, but I can’t stand it when people are being wronged. I will always open my mouth when I see people doing something that is wrong. I also can’t stand it when people give the wrong example to kids, like walking through a red light, or throwing trash on the ground.

4. I’m one of those weird woman that isn’t really into chocolate. I can eat it, but I only eat very dark chocolate with nuts or something in it and not much or regularly. I get nauseated by milkchocolate. I’m a sucker for junkfood though, especially potatochips and cookies.

5. I’ve studied chemistry, yeah I’ve worn the white labcoat and the 'sexy' glasses. I was always into the practical chemistry, especially perfumes and makeup and such. Later on I was interested in medicines aswell. But when I was finally an intern I decided chemistry was NOT the thing for me. Always being locked up in a cold lab with a lot of machines is not my kind of fun. So I quit during graduation and never felt better. Even though I'm supposed to be an 'intelligent' person, I rather work with my hands. (Which is showing up in my hobbies: making clothing and jewelry, writing, drawing, etc)

I'm passing this award on to (,hopefully people who haven't had it yet):
Michèle  @ 
Joy, Wendy & Lisanne @

Friday, May 28, 2010

Review: GOSH Irresistible Intensity Mascara

This week, Kruidvat had another great bargain: buy any Gosh mascara and get a Soft 'n Shine lipbalm for free!
When I saw this new (?) mascara, I really wanted to try it out and I was running low on mascara anyway. Also, I wanted to try the balm called Angel, since I heard a lot of good things about that one. And ofcourse I already own 5 Soft 'n Shines, because they are my fav product.
Anyway, to make a long story short, I bought the GOSH Irresistible Intensity Mascara for 9,99 euros, and got the Soft "n Sine lipbalm Angel for free. *Squeel*

The mascara has an unususal shape: the top is formed like a little ball and much bigger than the rest of the brush.It takes some time getting used to this one, because you can't really do all your lashes at once, like I'm used to with the False Lash Effect.

My eye without ay mascara:

With some mascara applied:

But, I have to say, it applies fairly easy and the lashes get seperated pretty good. It gives a natural look, with long lashes. You do have to watch out when you want a bit of more volume. When you apply more mascara, you can easily get the much-used-but-not-really-beautifull spiderleg effect.

With some more mascara applied:

Still, even if you get the spiderleg effect, the lashes can be seperated if you want to, and the effect is a little more volume.

GOSH Irresistible Intensity Mascara
  •  It gives a real black colour
  • Good length
  • Your lashes still are soft and flexible
  • The curl stays into the lashes
  • Can create a natural look but also a bit more glamorous
  • Easy to use on the lashes below your eyes aswell.
  • The mascara really smells bad, but you won't be smelling your lashes.
  • Beware of spiderleg lashes
  • Takes some time getting used to applying.

All in all, I'm surprised by this mascara and I think it will really grow on me. I'll definately be using this one more next to my The Falsies mascara. It might even become one of my favourites, we'll see.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

EOTD (Driftwood) & LOTD last saturday

Last saturday it was 'Luilak', I'm not really familiar with the tradition, but we had a big market in the mall around the corner. It was a lovely day with lots of sun, so we decided to go there.

I used the quattro palette by Gosh, that was give to me as a Gosh Ambassador for the summer look, called driftwood. The palette doesn't have a lot of pigment, and to give it some extra colour I used a green extreme art eyeliner by Gosh.

On my lips I used Color Riche by L'Oreal, Honey Brown, and on top of that Essence XXL shine Lipgloss, Rendez-Vous.

Other than that I just used a little Summer of Love blush by Essence:

Yeah, that's definately a weird smirk, lol.


Btw, today is my mom's bday, Happy birtday mom!!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

NOTD: Ultragreen & my first try with Konad

A while ago, I bought this supercute applegreen dress. Now, most of you will probably know by now, that I wear a lot of black. So this was a -lot- of colour for me, but sometimes I just feel like that.
I wanted to have a matching nailpolish and found one called Ultragreen by La Femme Beauty.

Thanx to Enchantra, who gave me a Golden Rose polish recently, a brand which I didn't know before, I now even have more of those! I found some at the 'Luilakmarkt' at a nailstylist booth and they are so beautifull I just had to have them, and they were cheap 2!

The Golden Rose polish I used here is Scale Effect, no. 4. The flakes turn birhgt green when the light hits it, which matched perfectly with the Ultragreen polish. Unfortunately I didn't have any sunlight to photograph it with, so you can't really see the green it turns into. It gives a sort of snakeskin effect.

The Konad I used is the plate that was in the set I bought, I think it was M36. I went to my parents last weekend to celebrate my mom's bday(which is actually on thursday), and she loves butterflies. It takes a bit of practice to use Konad, in my experience, that'ts why the flower isn't complete, but I still love the result. I also had some butterflies on my right ringfinger.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Review & Swatches: Essence XXXL Shine lipgloss, no. 13

I've never really been into lipgloss, because most of the time, they are too sticky for my taste and they don't really laste long. But when I saw this colour in the store, I really wanted t try it out. And boy, was I surprised!

This is the colour, 13 Rock On, a very shimmery purple.
The lipgloss has a very thin applicator, that applies easily and pretty precise.
It's is very pigmented, look at the swatch on my hand!

Such a lovely colour!

I've been wearing this lipgloss a lot since I bought it, I even wore it to work, which I've never done before. It's not really sticky in an annoying way, and for some reason it stays on pretty good. I only had to re-apply 2 times for the whole day! This to me is a Holy Grail among the lipglosses, especially since it's a budgetbrand.

I tried to make some pictures of the gloss on my lips, but it's pretty hard to capture the right coluur. Especially since my lips are really pale. Btw, the cololur looks awesome on top of lipstick aswell.

(and no I don';t have black hair on my face, that's a cathair :P )

I totally LOVE it! I'm going to check out the other colours again, next time I'm in the store, but I think the rest was just plain pink/nude colours.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Review & EOTD: Essence New Eyeshadow palette

When I saw these new little palettes, I was interested to see if the pigmentation was better than the single eyeshadows.
I picked out the purple palette and I wasn't too dissapointed.

The eyeshadow is in a clear plasuic case, with a nice black design on top. On the back is a little picture and a description on how you can use the palette.
The case slides open, which to me gives it something special.

The pigmentation isn't great, but it isn't really bad either. The colours are soft on your eye, and blend pretty good. But they are visible enough to create nice looks. I do have to say that the colours fade at the end of the day, might be my Hema eyeshadowbase, or might just be my eyes.

I also made an EOTD with this pallete, to show you the colours.

The colours are a bit more intense and a little darker, but these pics were made in sunlight, so they are a bit lighter.

All in all a cute little palette, especially for softer looks, but if you're interested in more in-your-face pigmentation, this palette isn't for you.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Review: Essence Nail Art Stylist

You all read how excited I was about the nailart stuff I bought recently, but I guess I forgot some important things. Like for instance the special top coat I recently blogged about, -and- the nail art stylist.

The Nailart stylist is a very nice tool that you can use to apply nailart. Especially the stones and such.
It looks like a pen with a little thicker part at the end. On the back of the package are instructions how to use the stylist. Basically, you make the end wet with a drop of water, and then it just lifts up the nail art. Very easy to use!

Once you have a stone on your stylist, all you have to do is place it on your nail, that's it! It's very easy to use, BUT you sometimes have to turn your hand, because the nail art can turn around when you want to turn the stylist. So it's easier to turn your hand.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another giveaway???

On June 4th, it'll be 6 months ago when I started this blog. That's in 2 weeks! Also, I already got over 60 followers, which is really great :)
To celebrate I'll be doing another giveaway!!!

*insert squeels here*

I'm still looking around for stuff to give away, but you can leave a comment with stuffies you'd like to try out aswell. I'll keep it all in mind when I shop around. Yes, shop: it'll be out of my own pocket again :)

It'll be another international giveaway for -followers- and the specific rules will be posted on the exact day the giveaway begins.

*dances around in excitement*

Konad Haul from Enchantra

I've always wanted Konad ever since I first saw it online, and now, finally after yrs of wanting, I got it. *squeel*.
I wasn't going to buy anything, but then our taxreturn came in early, so I decided to order at Enchantra anyway.
Yeah I'm fickle like that, sue me :P

I ordered the Konad set T, a black special nailpolish, an extra Image plate M65 and China Glaze LOL.
After reading more reviews about LOL, I decided to put it back on my wishlist, and here it is! It's a holographic purple, something I dind't have yet :)


The set contains: imageplate M36, a nailstamp and a scraper, special polish in white and black pearl, and a topcoat. It comes in a very cute and girly pink package.

Sidney would like to note that I reacted like my cats react to candy, trust me, that's a big reaction. Kinda like teenage girls and Twilight ;) (maybe I shouldn't forget the Twimoms and Twiguys, and all other myself..00ps ;) )

Anyway, As if that wasn't enough, Enchantra was so nice to include something extra:

Nail tattoos made out of little beads, and Golden Rose, Chameleon.
A while ago the Golden Rose polishes were on sale, because they wouldn't be sold at Enchantra anymore. I was still on my No Buy policy back then, and when she found out what kind of polishes I liked, she was so sweet to include this one in my package. Thank you so much!!!!!

Look how pretty it is:
It's got little flakes in it that turn from orange to purple when the light hits it. *drewls*

You can definately expect blogs about everything I bought, so stay tuned!

BTW Enchantra also has a blog, which you all should follow, or at least all you Dutchies out there should ;)
I'm even mentioned in the blog about the giveaway, with a card I send her. :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

GOSH Summer Look 2010, with swatches!

Yesterday, I found a note from the postman that a package to me was brought to a neighbour. So I went to the neighbour and to my amazement, it was a new package from Gosh, with the new Summer look products.
I've made some swatches and some pics, because to me, the promopics don't really show the right colours.

As you can see the summer look is all about warm, golden and bronzing colours. The nude colours and shining bronzingproducts will make your face shine!

Pressed Bronzing Powder
This bronzing powder gives you a sunny glow and lights up parts of your skin wherea normal blush creates a shadow. For the best result, apply thi powder high in the face, above the cheeckbones, the bridge of your nose, above your eyebrows and along the jaw. You can also use it for your shoulders, cleavage or collarbone for a natural transition. This powder isn't just suitable for summer, but gives you a healthy glow in winter aswell.

I like the pattern in the powder, which gives it something special. I've never used a powder like this, and I think it might be too cakey and dark for my skin.
A swatch in daylight:

The pressed bronzing powder is avaialable at Kruidvat for 9,49 euros.

Velvet Touch Lipstick, no. 43 Tropical Pink

(really weird: the promopic showed a purple lipstick, untill I changed the format)
This lipstick nurtures and protects the lips and gives a fabulous shiney result. The highly pimentated lipsticks gives your lips an intense longlasting colour.

I already have some of these lipsticks and they do give a really nice colour, last long and really hydrate your lips.
A swatch in daylight:

Velvet touch lipsticks are available at Kruidvat for 8,49 euros.

Quattro Eyeshadow, Q22 Driftwood

The Quattro eye shadow consists of a perfect combination of pearlpigments in a beautifull colourpalette. It contains a mosaic of 4 matching colours, to create endless looks.

  I already have a lot of Quattros and this one was not in my stash yet. Because it was a very neutral palette I didn't buy it before, but I still think it's really nice that it's in my posession now. :)
A swatch in daylight without base:
Quattro eye shadows are available at Kruidvat for 9,99 euros.

Amazing Length 'N Build Mascara

 This is a soft, rich and longlasting mascara which is easy to apply. This mascara makes your lashes visibly longer and gives them an intense colour. The brush separates en combs the lashes when you apply the mascara. When you apply multiple layers, the lashes will get extra volume.

The brush looks good to me, and the mascara itself doesn't seem very thick or dry. Usually I don't like waterproof mascara, because it tends to stick all my lashes to eachother. I'm interested to see what this one will do.

This mascara is available at Kruidvat for 8,40 euros.

Precious Powder Pearls Glow

This is a beautifull, ultrafine sunpowder in a nice pearlshape, which is easy to aply. Take a brush and move it carefully over the pearls, this way the brush will take up the powder and then you can apply the powder on your face, body and cleavage.

Like I said before, I don't use bronzingproducts, but I might try this one out, to see what it does to my skin.
A swatch in daylight:
These pearls are available at Kruidvat for 9,49 euros.