Thursday, April 15, 2010

Review: Dr. van der Hoog, Fruitacid mask

It comes in a sachet of 10 ml, which was a lot for my face, I didn't really need all of it. It felt really cool to the skin, not cold, but pleasantly cool.

I applied the mask thoroughly, after I cleaned my face, without touching my eyes and mouth. I waited for 10-20 mins to let it do it's magic, after that I massaged it gently into my skin and took if off with water.

It says this mask may not be suitable for sensitive skin, which I have, but I didn't have any probs with it.

This mask is a creammask, with a complex of 4 fruitacids: apple, lemon, 'wijnsteen' and glycol acids. It cleanses the skin, removes dead skincells en stimulates the making of new skincells resulting in a smooth skin.

 But did it do anything for my skin? Well..actually, it did. I always have dry spots on my face, no matter how much cream I used or how much I scrub. After I used this mask, all the dry patches were gone. No more dead skin cells, and a very smooth skin. I'm going to try this one out again, see if it keels giving me this result, ifso, it might become my weekly mask :)


  1. That mask sounds great! I'll have to look for something similar around her.

    I was wondering if you have any tips for hands. I have fragile (i guess that would be a good word) skin around my nail beds - it's always peeling and then my cuticles will leave bits behind on my actual nails.
    Any tips for improving my nail beds?

  2. Have you tried cuticle cream? Lush has one called Lemony Flutter. Or you can try the cuticle balsam by Trind, haven't used it myself though.

  3. Thanks! I look for those next time at the store :)

  4. Sexy! Ga ik es uitchecken :)