Friday, April 23, 2010

Queensday EOTD (Or World Cup EOTD)

I only used 2 products for this EOTD, so it should be easy to recreate.
First products I used is the 88 palette, shimmer, because a lot of people own one. But you can ofcourse use any palette with yellow/gold/orange/red colours.
Second product is the Gosh extreme art eyeliner , no. 10, but you can use any other eyeliner of eyepencil in blue.
This EOTD also looks great with purple or black eyeliner if you're not into blue.

I applied some yellow/gold on my eyelid and some light orange colours and blended those together. Then I applied some light red in my crease and outer V and blended it to a lighter colour.
I applied some orange colours in my crease and below my eyes to match the eyelid above.

You can use any yellow/orange/red you like really, it doesn't have to be the exact colour I used.

Then I applied some blue eyeliner, to give it something special, and ofcourse blue is in the Dutch flag.
I applied the line from the inner eyecorner all across my eyelid, and into a wing.
Below my eyes, I applied it in a wing aswell, to match the one above.

And this is what my first (I might make more if I have the time) Queensday EOTD looks like:

Are you going to do anything special with your makeup on Queensday?

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