Sunday, April 18, 2010

NOTD: Outerspace

Products used:
  • Rimmel Lycra Pro, 398 Black Pearl
  • Etos Effect Nails, 004

These photos really don't do the polish justice. The effect nails is a polish with holographic hexagons and glitters. Everytime the light hits it, the glitters and hexagons take on all the colours of the rainbows, which gives a jawdropping effect.

The Black Pearl underneath, a silverblack, gives it something extra compared to a normal black.
At first I thought this mani was just too much, but now I just asbolutely LOVE it. The holographic effect is not only visible in daylight, but inside aswell!.


  1. Janny, this effect is beautiful. Is it as smooth as it looks?

  2. unfortunately, it's not. I've used a topcoat to make it smoother, but the hexagons can stick out a bit, especially on the sides. That being said, it didn't feel annoying or anything (with a topcoat it's smooth enough) and it only started chipping after 3 days, and thats probably only because I had my hands in water for a long time, which usually makes my polishes chip/dissolve or something.

  3. OOoohhh I <3 it! Very cool looking, but it looks like it would be really hard to get off when you wanted to change your polish.

  4. It wasn't that hard to take off actually.. Yes you have to rub a lill more to get the heagons off, but it's not as hard as some other glitterpolishes. I didn't use more cottonpads or anything :)

  5. nice combo !!!
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