Sunday, April 11, 2010

NOTD: Gosh Holographic nail lacquer

Okay, this might be one of the weirdest polishes I ever had!
Why? you may ask.....Well, applying this polish turned out to be a little of a challenge.

When you apply this polish, it's very liquid, and when you brush over it again (to get a good coverage), it seems that the polish attaches to the brush and you swipe it all away again. Really weird.

I read about this online on some blogs, and apparantly it does that when you wear a nailhardener underneath, but since I'm very stubborn I tried it WITH a nailhardener (Herome) anyway.

So I decided to try a different approach: I applied a thin coat without touching the same place twice and then I let it dry. It already had a super holographic effect, but not great coverage.

Then I applied another coat, not touching the same place again, and to my surprise the polish turned a normal silver, what the....?
But while I watched, the holographic effect returned again, weirdness all around.

 (polish withouth flash)

When I applied the topcoat, something weird happened again: the polish turned a matte silver (on the right on the pic below). Whut? But while I watched, the holographic effect returned again. So weird, it was like watching a rainbow seeping through slowly.

But when the topcoat (which I applied because the polish didn't really feel smooth on my nails, a bit grainy) was dried, it all looked okay again:

So, yeah, the holographic effect is AWESOME, especially since I'm a sucker for those. (I keep staring at my nails when they catch the light...awww..pwetty wainbows!) But the applying is weird and it might make people get frustrated and throw it away. DON'T, it's really worth the trouble, as you can see.


  1. Wauw! Deze wil ik ook wel hebben :)

  2. HAHA that has to be the weirdest nail polish story and one of the weirdest colors too. But a great holographic effect-some claim to be holographic, but this one really does look like it. COOL

  3. Glad to see I'm not the only one who loves holographics :)

    @megs, it was -really- weird applying this one, i just -had- to share :)