Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lush Karma Showergel: Limited Edition!

On April 30th, we have a Dutch Holiday, Queensday, where we celebrate the Queens birthday. (it's not actually her birthday, but you can google all that ;) )

To celebrate this holiday, Dutch Lush Mailorder will be selling Karma Showergel!

Karma showergel won't be availaible anywhere else, and it's limited to only a 100 bottles.
So if you want to be the proud owner of this special product, go the the Dutch Mailorder website on Tuesday April 20th, because it will be sold out quickly!

The Showergel will come in a 250 gram bottle and will cost 15,95 euro.


BTW, I already made a NOTD and EOTD for Queensday, and these will be posted on the blog soon!

Update on the giveaway:
Please follow with Google friend account, I appreciate you following me with Bloglovin, but I can't use that to check if the winners are followers. Bloglovin is just an easy way for -you- to check updates of your favourite blogs. Sorry if I didn't make that clear! I just want to make sure the winners are followers :)

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