Thursday, April 29, 2010

La Roche Posay buys

My skin is really dry and I always thought a daycream for dry skin would be enough. But I did a test online, and apparantly I have a dehydrated skin. Which happens a lot to people who don't drink enough. Guilty as charged.
So I decided to try out this brand that was recommended to me: La Roche Posay.

It's a daycream that gives an intense rehydration, and it has an SPF of 15. I always use a daycream with an SPF from april to august orso, because my face, especially my nose, can burn easily. Also, I don't want to get skincancer.
I bought it at the pharmacy for 18,95 euros.

Then I saw this package with samples of other products from the same line. Since I'm looking for an eyecream aswell, I decided to buy the samples, and see how they felt on my skin.

The packages costs 3,50 euros and includes:
-thermal water
-day cream rich(better suited for winter?)
-Toleriane Teint

It also includes a coupon which gives a 3,50 discount on a purchase from the line.
I gave the day cream sample to my sisterinlaw to try out, since I think she has the same dehydration problem as I have.

I'm really interested to try all these out, and I'll write a review later on.


  1. Ik hoop voor jou dat het werkt! :) Ziet er wel een leuk zakje uit

  2. Ik heb de effaclar tonic van Laroche posay voor de onzuivere huid en ben er heel tevreden van. Ik wil ook graag de crème ervan, maar k moet van mezelf eerst m'n andere spullen wat opmaken.

  3. @hanne, me 2 :)

    @maaike, als dit goed werkt voor mijn huis, ga ik meer vd lijn aanschaffen. De oogcreme voelt in ieder geval erg goed, dus die staat al op de wishlist :)