Saturday, April 24, 2010

How to: Queensday Nails (koninginnedag nagels) Or World Cup nails

With Queensday coming up,  wanted to show you what you could do with your nails.
ALso, I'm not into soccer myself, but you can also wear this for the World Cup :)

It's really easy to do, and you can do it on all your fingers (like I did for yrs on queensday), or just on one fr that extra touch.
In this tutorial, I only did it on one nail, because I removed the polish after making pics. It's not Queensday yet!

Products used:

And ofcourse the Orange Drops by Gosh, that will be in Stores soon!

The easiest way to do this, is to fold your fingers like you are holding a nailpolish in your hands, and then turn your hand towards you with the nails going down.
Then you start with the blue polish, making a straight line from left to right. Let it dry for a little while before you apply the next colour.
I know it looks messy now, but you can easily remove all the extra polish with a cotton tip later on.

Then you do the same thing with the white polish:

And with the red one:

Then you apply the orange polish to the rest of your nails, or you could do that while you wait for the firstor second colour to dry.

Clean away all the extra polish and this is what you get:

I've always gotten a lot of compliments when I did my nails like this. Are you doing anything special with your nails or makeup for Queensday or the World Cup?

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  1. That is actually a really clever idea! Of COURSE you can just clear away the excess afterwards. *Facepalm* (A phrase totally stolen from you and Sid btw!)

    Hmm now if you could just tell me how to get the slightly more complicated Union Jack on my nails...

  2. hahahaha yeah, sometimes the complicated looking things are the easied to do ;)

    you could try and look for nail art polish/stripers. Those have a very thing long brush to make nail art. OR you can just buy a thin brush at an art store :)