Wednesday, April 28, 2010

EFF haul

I didn't write a  blog this morning because we had a medical emergency. My husband forgot his medicine and since he doesn't work in Alkmaar, I had to arrange for someone to take me there. After that I went grocery shopping and stuff, so I'm late. Sorry :)

I haven't bought a lot at the EFF, but I will show you anyway, most was bought by my husband, haha.

We both bought a tshirt with a silver print on it. The drawing was made by a Dutch fantasy artist, and could be bought on paper aswell. We liked the tshirts a lot, so we both ended up buying one, each a diff print.
This one is mine:

At the same stand, I bought this drawing from a female artist that was sitting there:

When you bought a drawing, you got a personal sketch for free. Personal as in, they would make it right in front of you. But she personalized mine a bit more, by adding the bird:

 I bought this Necklace by Alchemy, which I'cve adored for years and now finally decided to buy:

Lace 'cuffs' to wear as bracelets, or to pimp up longsleeved shirts or jackets:

We also bought some McFarlanes dragons, tarotdecks(Klimt!), books and dvds. Even the Twilight graphic novel for only 8 euros...hubs wanted to have it...weird huh? :)

And I just have to share this pendant my hubs bought, we both love dragons, and this was such a funny thing to add to the collection:

I had a lot of fun talking to people we met over the years, and meeting new people like Linda.
The weather was awesome aswell, even though it was maybe a bit too hot. I didn't wear my bolero for most of the day.
I'm hoping to get pics by photographers soon, and when I do I'll post them on the blog.


Wow, I wasn't online for a way and the blog went past 50 followers! Yeay!. I'll definately be doing more giveaways. I love doing this and apparently so do you :) Thanx for following!


  1. Lijkt er op dat de EFF heel gezellig was! ;)

    Die tekeningen zijn knap gemaakt zeg. Wou dat ik zo kon tekenen!

  2. @suzy, we maken t altijd gezellig, maar ik vind de sfeer wel steeds minder worden. Castlefest is leuker :)
    Ja, is ook erg gaaf om daar 4 tekenaars aan het werk te zien, en hoe verschillend hun technieken zijn.

    @hanne, thnx :)