Wednesday, March 10, 2010

NOTD: Diamond Cosmetics, Never So Evergreen

For some weird reason I forgot topost last week's NOTD...-and- to mention in this blog that I also ordered a nailpolish at Boozyshop.
It's from Diamond Cosmetics, the colour 'Never So Evergreen'.
It's from the Autumn 2009 collecion, and it was on sale, so I paid only 2,99 euros for it.

On the site it sayds that the polish will stay on no matter what, and I have to say that it is true.
I also have to say that it applies easily, but you really have to let it dry for quite a while, because otherwise you can 'whipe' it off pretty easily and mess up your nails. Yes, I had to go through that experience myself.

Anyway, when the polish is on and dried, it -really- stays on.After a week only the tips have little white edges, but thats because off work and typing on the laptop. Other than that, NO chipping whatsoever.
It's a great polish with a very nice shimmer and the green is very different from anything I own. It's almost like a moss colour, or a dark green with golden shimmer. It's hard to catch the real colour on pictures.

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