Saturday, March 6, 2010

EOTD: Twisted Faces, Morbid Minerals

Todays EOTD is made with Twisted Faces by Morbid Minerals and Barry M's Dazzle Dust, no. 78.


This is another 'simple' look with just 2 colours.
I started out with the hema eyshadowbase and on top of that the jumbo pencils Milk and Black Bean. I blended those with the EDM eyeshadowbrush, which is great to apply and blend the jumbo pencils perfectly.
I did the same below my eyes, because the dust and pigment would stick to that better than without.

I applied the MM Twisted Faces On my whole eyelid except for the inner eye corner.  In the inner eye corner I applied some aqua coloured Dazzle Dust. After that I blended those two together and into the crease. Then I applied very little Twisted Faces into the eye corner on top of the Dazzle Dust. This makes the aqua a little less bright and tha way it matches more with the MM pigment.
After that I applied the Dazzle Dust below my eyes and a little bit of the pigment on my outer eye corner, and this is the result:

I really love the blue shimmer of the brown pigment. Especially when it catches the light. As I've said before, it reminds me of MAC's Blue Brown pigment, and I -really- want to have that one.
Do you know any other brands which have this kinds of pigments? And what do you think about the look?

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  1. This is one of my favorite looks you have done. I love the brown and the blue together and I haven't really seen it done before and it would be something that I would try...hmmm now I have to search for a blue, LOL. But it inspires me, which I think is great. <3 the look and as always you look fabulous!

  2. I love trying out colours that normally arent used together. And I totally adore this pigment. It really switches from brown to blue when the light falls on it. I need/want more of those!
    aww thnx babe, but dont gorget to look in a mirror, you're gorgeous :)