Thursday, March 4, 2010

EOTD: Blue and Purple

Today's EOTD was inspired by a purple flower-hairpiece I was wearing.

It's a very simple look with only 2 colours.
I used an aqua/blue colour from the 88 matte palette, and the 2True Purple mono eyeshadow.


As I said, It's a very simple look where you put two colours next to eachother on your eyelids and blend those together. After that you apply the second colour into your crease to give it some extra colour.
You apply the same colours below your eyes. That's all!

I like to try out colours that you wouldn't match normally, I think it can really give great results.


  1. Janny great combination of colors. Inspiring! :)

  2. thats so sweet :)
    I always love the colour combos you use, so you inspire me ;)