Monday, February 1, 2010

This weeks bargains!

I'll give you all a list of the nice bargains of this week, so you will all know where to shop!

L'oreal, facecare and cleansers: buy one, get one for free
Biodermal, all products for your face, 30% discount
Maybelline, Dream Creamy foundation, 2euros off
Essence, Go Snow collection is in stores(and already sold out in some!)

Maybelline, The Falsies Volume Express mascara, 2 euros off online(no shippingcosts).
Kruidvat claims the have an exclusive pre-sale, BUT I can tell you that DA already had it in stores last week, because I already bought one there with a 20% discount.(I'll write a review later).

Blistex, lipbalms, second one for halfprice.

Nivea, all products, buy 2, get one for free
Blistex, lipbalms, buy 2, get one for free
Etos, lipproducts, 25% discount
Max Factor, Lash extension mascara, 3 euros off
Maybelline, Dream Creamy foundation, 2 euros off
Rimmel, Volume Flash mascara, 1 euro off


  1. Is that Maybelline Mascara any good? I use the yellow one (cant remember what its called) which is quite good until it starts to run out.

    Any top tips for utilising mascara when it starts to be less that half full or so?

  2. The Colossal, yeah have and love that one to.
    Well i like the falsies so far, but im going to use it a while longer, and write a review after that.

    Not really...just dont 'pump' your brush up and down, that way you'll het air into your mascara and it will ruin. I never have a prob with mascara really. When it's becoming halffull, I just use the tip of the brush to put it on and the whole brush to 'spread' it.

  3. I like mabelline mascara. I am a mascara junkie!!! I love to try all the new products, but haven't been able to try the newest ones yet. I really want to try L'oreal telescopic Explosion mascara, just because it looks really different. My favorite right now is by Bare Escentuals/Mineral called Flawless Definition. It is a bit pricey (well at least for me) But it last a long time. And it doesn't flake off or break my really sensitive lashes. OK that was my 2 cents, haha.

  4. Hey Megs, it might be fun if you wrote a review about your fav mascara, so I can post it here. I don't know the brand, and maybe you'd like to share it with everyone? Just a thought :)