Friday, February 19, 2010

Pour des Prunes

I realized I haven't posted about my Sephora palettes yet, so this EOTD is with one of those.

Products I used:
  • Sephora, colorful palette, Pour Des Prunes no.4
  • Gosh, Effect POwder, Rosewood
  • Gosh, Hohl/Eye liner, Stone
  • The Falsies mascara

I really love this palette, it has soft colours to make a perfect daily look, but enough colour to make it less plain.
Unfortunately, the pictures have a bit of overlighting, so the colours don't show aswell. But I was in a hurry to get to the hospital to see my sisterinlaw, so these'll have to do. (Sorry about that, Just pretend the colours are a bit sharper and darker)


I used a little bit of tape next to my eye to get a straight line of eyeshadow. (I'll blog about that trick later)

I used the white colour as a highlighter below my brows, a little next to my nose and towards my crease.
In the inner corner I used the lightest pink colour towards the middle of my eye. I also applied some into my crease and a little above. Next to that I applied the darker pink colour, it's almost a plum colour, onto the outer corner and the crease aswell.


Then I applied the black colour from my outer V into my crease, unfortunately you can;t see it very well on the pics, but it makes the crease a bit more defined and darker.
After that I blended it all and applied a little effect powder on the crease and above it with the same blendingbrush. Then I removed the tape and blended that line a little.
After that I used a little mascara, and the kohl/eye pencil below my eyes.

As I said before, I was in a hurry, so I don't have any FOTD's But I do have some older ones where I've used the same palette.

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