Tuesday, February 9, 2010

NOTD L'oreal Resist 'n Shine Titanium Black Gloss

I've been looking at the 6 new colours of the Resist 'n Shine Titanium Black Gloss polishes for a while now, and a while ago I finally decided to try one out. I couldn't decide which one I wanted, so I let my beloved pick on out.
He choose no. 737 Black Khaki.

The polish is really dark, it looks mostly like a black polish. Untill it hits the light, then the colours comes shining through. When you buy one, you'd think the polishes would have a lot more colour, because in the bottle it looks a lot more colourfull. If you don't know it's a Black Gloss collection, you might be dissapointed. That being said, if you like dark polishes, you'll probably love these.


It's really hard to capture the colour on a picture. This one was taken in daylight, and as you can see the colour shimmers through. This polish is supposed to be really strong and you should be able to wear it for 7 days. I've worn it for 4 days now and mine has chipped. I have to say my nails are pretty long now and they need to be clipped. Longer nails chip easier and they have only chipped on my indexfingers, so I think this will hold pretty good on normal length nails.
By the way, notice the thin white line on top of my nails? That's all the 'chipping' I usually get, because I don't put on different layers of polish. It has just worn away by typing and working and such.

I think the colours are pretty nice, but as I said before, inside they tend to look like any black nailpolish. So if you're not into those, this might not be a polish for you.


  1. Typing! THATS why I get those lil lines on my nail polish!

    I've never had long nails so I had no idea why that was. At first I thought it was because they were growing until I realised "Uh...duh! Nails grow from the bottom"

    Muppett Sarah hehe

  2. how DO you type with nails like that? :D I can't grow my nails longer than few millimeters without them getting on the way of doing the normal everyday things. But cool polish!

  3. @Sarah, hahaha it's always fun to find out stuff like that, especially when they've been bugging you. Now you know ;)

    @Cappu, Im pretty used to it now. And I type mostly with my indexfingers anyway, which are a little shorter most of the time. It's just with everything: you get used to doing things this way. I feel handicapped when I don't have long nails.