Thursday, February 25, 2010

NOTD and Alice in Wonderland.

Since I bought an Alice in Wonderland necklace and bracelet on tuesday, I'm totally in an Alice-mood. I can't wait to see the (new Tim Burton) movie. The bracelet even has so many charms that I'm going to make a pair of earrings out of it aswell.

Mine is a bit different though. Instead of the bunny and hat on the lower chain, there are hanging 2 red hearts.

Instead of the hat, I have a cute silver bunny with a red jacket, hanging on the bracelet.

I bought both at Claires in Amsterdam and also spotted a very cute Alice in Wonderland T-shirt. Which...I bought today, hehehe. I really loved it and it was on sale now, so w00h00. Now I just have to find the right bag since my other one has been worn to threads..... ;)


Sorry for the small picture, they didnt have a bigger one on the site.

Now I know there's an Alice in Wonderland nailpolish collection by OPI, and one new store in our mall does sell OPI. So they ordered the AiW collection for me, and when it comes in, they will call me.
To keep me in the right mood, while I wai for those, I put on some holographic blue nailpolish, which reminds me of Alice's outfit.

It's Effect Nails by Etos no. 600.


I know it's not very neatly applied, but bear with me. My lamp next to my couch broke and since it's a very special kind of light'bulb', I didn't have an instant recplacement for it. Doing your nails in the dark is a special talent, hahaha.


I really love the holographic effect of this one. I just have to get used to the light blue. I'm mostly into dark or very bright-in-your-face-colours and this is more of a babyblue. Still, it applies easily, dries pretty quick and hasn't chipped after a days work. So for the 2,99 euros(or something close to that), it's a very nice nailpolish.


  1. I love the Alice OPI colors and Love your new Alice necklace and bracelet. The blue that you have is pretty close to the Alice OPI one that they did. Too much fun. I got the urban decay alice in wonderland book of shadows kit and love it. But haven't had as much time to play with it as I would have liked.

  2. Oh wow, I've only seen it on pictures and Youtube. I really love that kit, although I'm not sure if the colours are that interesting. Can you make some swatches sometime? Or a look?
    Hmm, or you could write a guestblog on here ;)

  3. De Alice juwelen zien er zo leuk uit! Ik ga vrijdag eens langs Claire's gaan :-)

  4. AHhh Sorry just saw that you just wrote back! Make swatches on the Urban Decay one?? Is that what you are looking for? I can play around with that this weekend. As for getting you the photos not sure how that would work I only really know how to upload photos through FB- yeah I am not that techy. Let me know sweetie :)

  5. @megs, yeah id love to see those and some EOTDs :)
    you could always email them or I coudl get them from your facebook album.

  6. OKey Dokey will work on this weekend when I have some more time hun ;) the colors are funky and fun are so cool. Ahhh I really want to go see the movie too

  7. awesome! Yeah me 2, I hope we can get a ride to the 3D theatre :)