Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gosh Spring Look 2010, Preview

A new package by Gosh Cosmetics was delivered yesterday. It came in a very nice black box, with a cdrom with promopics.

I'm liking the inspiration for this years spring look, the title is Gosh goes Gypsy! and the main colours are orange and turqoise.
In the box their was a picture of really awseome eyemakeup I think you all should see. I'm thinking about trying it out myself.

So what's in the box? Three Gosh Nail Lacquers and 2 Gosh Lip Glosses.

Nail Lacquers 

These Nail Lacquers have a very smooth texture and can be applied very easily. The lacquer dries quick and has instant coverage. The Spring look has no. 540 Ocean, no. 594 Miss Grey, no. 581 Orange Drops.

Ocean: I think this one has a very nice colour, one I'll definately wear a lot.

Miss Grey: Seems a bit like a matte lacquer, wich I'm not really into. But I think this one will look great with some nailart I bought recently. I'll keep you posted.

Orange Drops: This one is perfect for Queensday! hahah. I'm not sure if I've ever worn an orange nail lacquer on other days, but oh well, I'm in for anything, so why not?

Lip Gloss

The lip glosses give your lips a beautifull shine and volume. Next to that, these glosses also soften and protect your lips. The Spring look has: no. 0081 Black and 0082 Coral.

Black: Wow, was my first reaction. A black lipgloss with little green shimmers in it! I immediately thought of my EFF makeup, it should look great on the black Barry M lippaint. I put some one and lips didn't turn black, but had a very different look to them with a great shimmer. I think this one is perfect to wear on top op lipsticks. Should give a great result. I'll keep you posted ;)

Coral: It looks very pink and bright, which should be perfect for spring. I usually don't wear bright pinks a lot, so I'm interested on how this one will look on my lips.

The Nail Lacquers are available at Kruidvat for 6,49 euros.
The Lip Glosses are available at Kruidvat for 6,99 euros.

The Spring look will be promoted in Kruidvat stores from week 15 till week 20.
That's from April 12th till May 23rd.

Ofcourse I'll be posting blogs with swatches and reviews when I've tried them out.
How do you like these colours and hich one would you love to have?


  1. Are you going to use the black lip gloss for your EFF costume? I know you have the lip paint but maybe on top? (Too much?)

    I dont normally wear lipglosses cos I lick them off too easily! I need lipstick with severe staying power :)

  2. I think I will, just have to try it out first. :)

    Me 2, but they stay on pretty good.