Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gosh Naillacquer Silver

Some time ago I blogged about the gift I got from Gosh. Now I will write a blog about the Nail Lacquer that was in that gift: No. 555 Silver.


 This polish is pretty thick which gives you a nice coverage with just one layer. Because it seems to have some metallic or shimmer parts in it, it itsn't a smooth polish, so getting a smooth finish on your nails is pretty hard.
The shimmer really sticks to your skin, so even when you clean your fingers with some remover they tend to still shimmer on your skin. Washing your hands kan help, usually they fade away after a while. It's always a drawback of really shimmery polishes, but still, they are so nice, that I use them anyway.

The polish dries pretty fast, -but- you need to let it dry a while longer. Because it's such a think polish, the upper part tends to dry faster than the lower part. So if you bump your nails into something it will ruin or get dented.
I think this is a very special colour. It's not just a shimmer/metallic one it almost looks like paint. I'm not into the whole matte look which gives me the same feeling, but because it also shimmers, I seem to like it anyway.
This colour had to grow on me, but I have to say I like it now. When I first put it on, I was tempted to take it off the next I have been wearing it for almost a week.

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