Monday, February 22, 2010

Extreme Art Eyeliners by Gosh

What the Gosh site says about it:
A new liquid semi-permanent eyeliner.The combination of a fantastically sift and light formulation and an ideally formed brush makes it possible to draw a line that is beautifull, even and precise.

Below a picture of the extreme art eyeliners that are in my stash:


From left to right:
no. 14, 19, 20, 04, 03, 01, 05, 12, 06, 08, 10.
The eyeliners come in a see-through bottle with a black cap. The colour that shows is exactly like the colour that will show on your skin. The bursh is really thin, so you can really make thin lines with it, or even draw with it.
The eyeliner is a bit thick, so you have to make sure you apply it evenly.
The glitter ones are not as easy to apply evenly, because of the glitter that is not sticking evenly to your skin. Which is easily fixed by applying some more along the lines.

The eyeliner is waterproof, really really waterproof. You can walk through a storm with rain soaking your clothes, and this eyeliner will stay on as perfect as you had put it on. I always take it off with olive oil, but even then, I really have to work hard to get it off. So I don't wear these on a daily basis, because my eyes tend to get a bit sensitive about the removing.

Here are some swatches I made on my arm, in the same order as the picture above.
One with lamplight:


One with daylight:


As you can see, they have great coverage, except for the shimmery ones. But like I said that's easily solved. I just made swatches with ones stroke of the brush for these pics.
I really like this eyeliner and the colours they come in. The only downside for me as that it is too hard to remove, which makes my eyes a little unhappy.


  1. ohhhh I love them all!!! I wish I could have them all and wish we had Gosh by us, since I haven't seen the brand before you started blogging about it! But all the colors are great and I really do love eyeliner!!! =)

  2. Hey there, in Holland Gosh isn't available anymore, can anyone telle me how and where to order?? The Gosh site in Copenhagen doesn't have all the colours I love.
    At the moment I have the green and the blue and I love them en would like to by more!!