Tuesday, February 23, 2010

EOTD orange and greens

This is an EOTD I did a little while ago, I used the following Gosh products:
  • eyeshadowbase
  • effect powder, Sunstone
  • effect powder, Apple Jam
  • effect powder, Greeny
 I used the Gosh eyeshadowbase, because that one is a bit more sticky and therefore more suitable for effect powders.

I used the Sunstone on my inner eyecorner and in the crease, towards the middle of the eye. I applied some more above the crease towards the outer eye corner.

From the middle of the eye towards the outer eyecorner I applied some Apple Jam. I blended it on the lid with the Sunstone.
I applied the same colour below the eyes as above. The Apple Jam was applied for about 2/3rd of the eye, the rest was Sunstone.


In the outer V, the outer eye corner and into the crease, I applied a little Greeny, to tone down the bright colours and to give it some extra depth.


I always liked the way orange and green looked together, what do you think?

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