Wednesday, January 20, 2010

NOTD (Rimmel & Trind) & New Poll

My NOTD is a very bright pink. I've never really been into all the soft colours, especially for my nails. Pink wasn't really my thing either, but I must say, Iv'e already bought a new bottle of this one.

I used this for my NOTD:
  • Trind Nailrepair
  • Rimmel 60 seconds Vinyl Stars nailpolish, no. 626, Be a star
I started  with the Trind nailrepair, since I'm still trying it out. I'm in week 2 now, and I'm still NOT convinced by it. I'll write a blog about it next week, when I've used it for 3 weeks. Maybe my opinion will change, but I don't think so.

After the Trind, I used the Rimmel nailpolish and cleaned the edges with some remover. (I'll post a blog about how I do my nails, one of these days). As you can see, the ''stars'' in the polish give it a great shine.

New Poll

I've also posted a new poll. The result of the last one was that most of you liked OPI best as a nailpolish brand. I've never used it, so I'll try to keep my eyes open for it.
The new post is all about this blog. What do YOU want me to post more?


  1. Oh pretty! My nails are pink at the moment too but more bright "Barbie" pink. This is a nice fushia/purply colour.

  2. OK so JAnny how do you get your nails to grow so long??? Is it bc you always have polish on them?? I dont really ever have polish on my nails-dont have the time to keep up with it and also I type all day long for work so chips in like 2 seconds no matter what I have used (and I have tried A LOT of products) just the nature of my job. My toes on the other hand always are painted! I love a pedicure. But my nails esp in the winter are always splitting and peeling! Any suggestions?

  3. uhm...herome nailhardener and always having a nailfile with me, thats all. The nailploish helps a little aswell.(before that my nails always ripped off, and i even used a lot of fake nails)

    I'm definately posting a nailcare tips blog soon, so I can answer all of your questions there :)

  4. Cool thanks hun for the tips and I look forward to the nailcare section too =)

  5. No prob. I have to make some time for it though, I'll try and post pics about everything I do.

  6. AWESOME!!! I would really love that YOU are the BEST!!! And your blog is looking really great I love all the pics and step by steps too!!! your camera shots/angles come out really good and crisp too =)

  7. well since your response to it is so excited, I think I'll try and make pics on monday, and post a blog about it soon after that. I'll try and make step by step pics. Still, it'll be how -I- do my nails, doesn't always work for others.

    Thanx, finding the right light is always a bore, usually have to go to the bathroom or the hallway.

  8. Aww well no rush on my account. I just think your nails always look so great!!! And me too I think the bathroom always has the best light in the house too, must be the small room and bright lights, LOL