Friday, January 15, 2010

Matching makeup and clothing

So I was asked the question if I match my makeup and clothing, and if so if I could post a blog about it.
Now, This question was posted on facebook, where I get a lot of feedback on my blog, aswell as on fora.
But people, I would LOVE it if you all posted that kind of feedback(questions, praise, tips, comments, etc), on this blog, where I can answer them more easily and help others with them aswell. So thanx in advance!
For the Dutchies, yes, you can comment in Dutch, I don't mind.

To answer the question: yes and no. Hahah that really is an answer made my me. What I mean is: Yes, I tend to match the colour of my eyeshadow (and sometimes lipstick) to the clothes or details of the clothes I am wearing. But also NO, I wear a lot of black and I like to give my eyes some extra colour to make it a bit more interesting. And sometimes I just wear something neutral that goes with everything.

To show you what I mean, I made some pics after work, from 2 daily looks. Be prepared though, they were made AFTER a day of work, and my back still hurts, so I look like shi...uh..tired.
I also never wear foundation, concealer or lipstick to my work, so this is all natural except for the eyes.
BTW in an earlier blog I also matched my eyes to my clothes and accessories.

Here is a purple look I created using Bourjois: Smoky eyeso trio no. 06 Violet Romantic, and Metallic eyeliner  no. 78 Blue Chatoyant. I matched it to my purple longsleeve, which due to the flash of my cam, looks more blueish purple.(It's just a normal purple)

I already wrote a blog about this eyeshadow which you can find here.

As you can see, I didn't really match my nailpolish. I sometimes do that when I go to a special party or event, But most of the time I just use the colour I feel the mood for, and they sometimes clash with the colours I'm wearing. But who cares, I don't hahaha.

The day after, I made a green look to match with the small leaves of the flowers on my shirt. I once again used Bourjois: Smoky eyes trio no. 08 Vert Trendy, and Duochrome eyeliner no. 57 Noir Emeraude.

I applied the lightest colour in my inner eye corner, the middle colour next to it, towards my outer eyecorner. And in the crease I used the darkest colour. Underneath my eye I applied the eyeliner and a bit of the lightest colour below my inner eyecorner.
And this is how I looked that day. Man I was tired, and my back was killing me.
Btw, see how pale my lips look, I wasn't kidding when I told you about those :P

I'll try to make some pics when I have matched my makeup with my clothing, and show you more often. But most of the time, I'm not really in the mood to be on pics. So I'll try, okay?
I hope this has answered your question Sarah ;)


  1. yay! Awww I feel loved that you used my suggestions :)

    What about matching makeup to your extravagent outfits like the ones you wear to the festivals? (I know you prob did do it when you went but you could re-create for the purposes of the blog?)

  2. Well I do have some pics of those, So if you'd like I can post those in another blog sometime.

  3. OK OK, so I'm getting off my bum and being good and commenting :)

    Don't normally need to, I like what you're doing, I love seeing the eye colours you're doing.

    Just a thought though, you talk about how you apply the layers on your eyes, maybe some day when you have time you can do a picture breakdown of each step so we see how you build it up? (Not every time obviously as you'd have time for nothing else in your life! lol)

    You know I've been following on my google reader since you started, but I've been good and added myself to your public followers :)

  4. @rebecca, I have been thinking about that, and I'm sure I'm going to do that one of these days. Is there any particular look you would like to see broken down into steps? Or would you like to suggest a look you would want to see? I'm open to suggestions.

  5. just one of the more complex ones you've done, maybe along the smokey look with eyeliner, I'm never great at the blending colour part :)
    but no specific desire

  6. I'll keep it in mind. Might have to do that on a weekend, so sid can make pics while I apply the eyeliner. Might be easier that way, hahaha. :)

    Btw do you have a blending brush? It helps a lot!