Friday, January 22, 2010

Lush Retro at Dutch Mailorder!!!

 As of tomorrow, all the Valentines products will be in stores, and will also be available at the Dutch mailorder.
But the Dutch mailorder has a little surprise, they are going to be selling 3 Retro Lush products. So, if these were your favourite products, or if you haven't seen, smelled or used them before, here's your chance.
 The 3 Retro Products are:

  • Potion Bodylotion
  • Queen of Hearts soap
  • After 8:30 massagebar
Potion bodylotion


 If you love the smell of Ruby Red Slippers, you're certainly going to love this one. Potion lotion smells of roses and tangerines, but mostly of carnations. It moisturizes your skin with a light touch of almond oil and cocoa butter, softening it with rose petal infusion and toning it with fresh tangerine. Take it on holiday as an aftersun, too.
Only available for a limited amount of time, and in a black bottle, for 16,95 euros (250g)

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts is one of the few soaps with which you are allowed to wash your face - because Lush says so. QoH is made with a base of rose petal infusion, so it's gentler on your face than body soaps. It's got cocoa butter to keep your skin flexible, moisturizing almond oil and balancing geranium oil to keep your skin soft; it cleans without drying out your face. Btw, Lushuses their ground breaking palm free soap base in all our soaps.
Only available for a limited amount of time, 7,95 euros (100g ) 

After 8:30

 Real white and dark chocolate make After 8.30 a delight for four of your five senses.  This is a stimulating, mint-chocolate Massage Bar for a quiet night in from the cold. It smells just like those delicious after 8 chocolates!
Only available for a limited amount of time, 7,95 euros a piece

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