Friday, January 22, 2010

I've got the Blues for you..

Not too long ago I would never have used blue eyeshadow. It wasn't untill I bought some petrol colours and people started telling me those colours looked good on me, that I really started looked at other blue colours.

So today, I'm writing a blog about blue eyeshadow.
What did I use?

  • Metallic Stones Palette
  • Hema eyeshadowbase
  • Gosh Flirty Curl mascara

I started out with the Hema eyeshadowbase. Because this palette already has a great shimmer and great pigmentation, I really didn't need the Gosh eyeshadowbase.
I used the 3 blue colours that are in the zoeva palette below eachtother on the second row from the right:

I started with the lightest colour blue, which has a bit of a silver touch to it, second from the bottom second from the right.
I applied this one in my inner eye corner and a little in the crease. Next to that I applied the colour that's above the previous one. And lastly I used the blue colour that's on top of that row, in the outer eye corner and the crease.

Below my eyes, I used the same colours in the same order as an eyeliner. I applied these with my Zoeva angles eyeliner brush, which i just LOVE. After that I smudged them a little with the Smudger brush by Zoeva. Sometimes I even use this brush to apply a line below my eyes. Gives a great effect. And as a last step I applied some mascara.

Here you can see the great shimmer these eyeshadows have, i really LOVE this palette. :)

And, a full face pic, I only used a little Soft Touch Soft.n shine on my lips, by Gosh.
This is also what my hair looks like after I rode on my bike through a very windy night, with a ponytail. lol


  1. OOohh you have the "Metallic Stones Palette"!! Could I interest you in making some swatches??? (say yes, pleasssseee) I've always been curious about this one...

  2. Yeah hun, I bought it right before xmas, wrote a blog about it 2, tssk tssk ;)
    Hmmm, My arm isnt that big, hahaha. I know someone who has made swatches. Maybe I can ask her if I can use her pics. Either way, yeah hun, I'll post swatches for you. I can't say no to you guys..