Sunday, January 24, 2010

Incoco Self-Stick Nailpolish strips Review

A few weeks ago, I found this in a bargain box at Kruidvat. There were priced with a 2 euros sticker and it seemed a nice price to try these out. At the registry though, they scanned for only 25 cents! So that really was a great price to try them out.
I'm talking about the Incoco Self-Stick Nailpolish strips.

This is what's in the package:

The booklet that comes with it gives instructions on how to use them. I'll post these with a pictire of the backside of the packaging, which has pictures of how to use them. Maybe that'll explain it a little better.

You start out with selecting the right size for your nails. Each strip has a different size on each end. On end seems a bit more round and the other end seems a bit more square. When you've selected the right one, you tear it away from the rest of the strips. After that you remove the clear protection film.
The next step is holding the coloured stip on the silver tab, while you peel off the backside.
Then you carefully break away that silver tab, so all you have left is the nalpolish strip.
Now you try to place it as best as you can to your cuticle. Now you firmly smooth it out, so you don't get any wrinkles in it.
To remove the excess strip, you have to bend it downwards from the nail, and remove it with the file, making downward strokes.

After I did that, it looked like this:

I have to say, the nailstrips didn't really have the right sizes for me, most were too thin or too wide. And putting them in place is harder than it seems. They stick to you nail immediately, so there's no room for errors. When I bend them down at the ed of my nails, most of them already ripped off, so I didn't need the file. And the file itself wasn't really handy either, because it tends to file off parts of the strips that should stay on your nails aswell.
As you can see on the picture below, on some parts the strips didn't stay on perfectly after applying. For example look at the small chip on the pinky, or the small white edge on the tumb.

It does have a great colour and it says to have a basecoat, nailpoish coat and top coat all in one. I still used Trind underneath because I'm still going for three weeks of use before I write a blog about it.
Anyway, it looks good, if the application went well. and they stay on prety good aswell. I've had them on for 2 days now and they haven't chipped or torn in any way.
But the application isn't as easy as it seems, and to me, applying normal nailpolish is just as easy, maybe even easier. Because with nailpolish you can erase mistakes.
Also, they say they stretch vertically and horizontally, and I didn't really think they did. Especially not horizontally, because they didn't all fit my nails. And when I tried to stretch them a little, they would tear. Had to redo one over that, and there aren't a lot of extras to use.

This is btw the mess that was left after use:

Also something I do not have when I use normal nailpolish.

The package had one extra thing, I think it's 2 manicure strips, so you can try those out aswell. I'm not sure though, because nothing in the packaging says anything about it. The booklet has one side with a manual for the coloured strips, and the other side holds the manual for french manicure strips, so I think my guess is good.

So....would I buy this again? Probably not. They usually are more expensive, and to me they don't really give a better result than normal nailpolish. But if you can find them for a lower price, they might be fun for you to try out. And maybe they are easier to apply after you've already used them once.


  1. the color is pretty, but it does seem like a lot of work! Normal polish seems easier like you said, but still good to know. I was alway curious about these things too.

  2. You did really well. I tried using something like this once and it was a nightmare.

    At least the colours gorgeous and they were only 25cents!

    Maybe stick to good old fashioned nail polish from now on? :)