Friday, January 8, 2010

EOTD Diamond Rock

Today I made a look with some of the things I received in the Gosh ambassador package.

I used:
  • Gosh Eyeshadow trio, Diamond Rock
  • Gosh eyeliner pen, Black
  • Gosh eyebrowpencil, Soft Black
  • Gosh eyeshadowbase
  • Gosh flirtycurl

I started out with the eyeshadowbase and my eyebrows were done as usual. To try a different effect than I normally get with a trio, I decided to used the colours differently. I used the darkest colour all over my eyelid. In the crease I used the middle colour, and as a highlighter I used the lightest colour.I used the eyeliner pen to make a line with a wing attached to it. And with the smudger brush I applied some f the darkest colour below my eye. I also applied a little of the lightest colour in the inner corner of my eye.After that, I applied some mascara, and the look is done.

I like the eyeshadow trio, but it isn't as pigmented as i would like it to be for smokey eyes. For a less dramatic effect though, this one is perfect. I think it has very suitable colours for natural/daytime looks. I really like the middle colour of it, and the shimmer they give.

The eyeliner is a different story. Although I was surprised i could get think lines with it, besides thick lines, the tip is to stiff. That way I can't get smooth lines, because it get's caught in my skin. I have no other way of desrcibing that. I hope you know what I mean.

You might be able to see on these pics that the lines aren't smooth. I really had to keep adding small stripes to let it appear smooth. Also, on one eye the line doesn't get close to the eyelashes, which I couldn't really see when I applied it. Still can't see that while looking in the mirror. So it might have been the flash that reflected weird, but I don't think so.

I really do like the look I made with it though, I hope you do aswell.


  1. ME likey!!! I love the smokey eye looks alot and how you winged out the eyeliner there. Makes your eyes POP and makes them look bigger and your eyes color LOOKS AMAZING I am jealous and sick of me brown eyes. VERY POSH!! <3 it darling!

  2. Yeah well, I LOVE your hair and Im insanely jealous of it. And i like your brown eyes, dark eyes are awesome :P
    (btw thanx :) )