Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chocolate Smoky

Yesterday I made a look with some browns and a grey colour.

I haven't used much products to create this look:
  • Gosh Trio TR2, I think it's calles Smokey, but i'm not sure, the name has been ripped off with the tape.
  • Essence  longlasting eyepencil no. 2 Hot Chocolate
  • Gosh Flirty Curl mascara

 I applied this trio as I mostly do. The lightest colour in my inner eyecorner, the middle colour next to that one. And in the crease the darkest colour. This trio applies easily and gives a great colour. The colours tend to become a little more intense after blinking a couple of times, so I really need a good base for it. I used the Gosh Waterproof eyeshadowstick Love that beige as a base this time.

The eyeliner below my eyes and some mascara, makes up the look. This eyeshadow seems a bit softer than other trios and easier to blend. Maybe because it's a trio especially for smokey eyes, I don't really know. I like the colours though, they are a bit different than most smokey palettes I know. I found it in a bargainbox some time ago, so I'm pretty happy with it

I applied some Mac lip prep+Prime, before I added some lipstick.
This one is a Gosh Velvet Touch lipstick, no. 86 Kitch. I love that packaing btw, very stylish.
The lipstick applies softly and doen't feel sticky. It really seems to care for your lips, since I don't have dried out lips after I've used it. It also contains an SPF of 6. Great for sunny days.

Since I've been having a runny nose, because of the cold, I applied a little Multitasking concealer(by EDM) on the sides of my nose.And this is what I looked like that day:

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  1. i use the same eyeshadow and lipstick from gosh...:)