Monday, December 14, 2009

Violet and Purple Dreams

This EOTD was made with different shades of violet and purple. I love how it makes the colour of my eyes pop.
I have a think for bright colours, probably because softer ones usually make me look sick. On todays FOTD I'm even wearing a hot pink top! I know, I know, I usually wear a lot of black, but once in a while I like to wear something bright. Deal with it ;)

The products I used for this EOTD are:

-Purple Dream trio by Gosh
-Multi Effect Eyeshadow 'Violet" by Manhattan
-Eyeshadow nr 6 by 2True
-Glamorous eyeshadow 'Purple' by Gosh

-Velvet touch Eyeliner 'Purple Stain' by Gosh
-Eyebrowpencil 'Soft Black' by Gosh
-The Colossal mascara by Maybelline

I started with the Gosh eyeshadowbase, which I spread over my eyelids with my finger. I used the lightest colour of the Purple Dreams trio as a Highlighter below my eyebrows. Over the whole eyelid I applied the Viloet shade. Above the violet and in the crease I applied the 2True eyeshadow. I blended those 2 together before I applied the Purple Gosh eyeshadow on my outer eyecorner and some in my crease. I used the eyeliner below my eyes for that extra touch of purple.

Since I have a FOTD aswell, I'll tell you what I used on my face and lips.
I used a little multitasking concealer on my nose which s always a bit red. Over my whole face I used Soft Butter Peach, Original Glow. Both are by EveryDay Minerals.
On my cheeks I put a little mineral soft powder rouge 'Wild Rose' by Catrice.
For my lips I used an Everlast Lip Liner by Catrice and the L'oreal Color Riche, Star Secrets nr 708. I applied the lipstick with a HEMA lipbrush, which to my amazement really seemed to make the lipstick stick better to my lips.

Don't mind my hair, sometimes I just have to do something crazy with it. So on the pic I braided a small part of my hair, pulled that to the back, and pulled up my hair in small portions and stuck them to my head with small clips.


  1. Ooohh!!! LOVING the purple! Absolutly stunning :)

  2. I second that. Plus, I like that you tell me how you did it too, since I'm a tard about all things girlie.

    I am scouting out those products now. The stuff I have from Avon isn't nearly as nice, plus your stuff looks way sparklier.

    And nice cleavage by the way lol

  3. Wow, that purple looks really good on you! :D

  4. L O V E This PURPLE!! The eyes look amazing Jas!!! I'm looking for good shades of purple that doesn't make me look bruised. I foresee some GOSH deliveries here in the future, I only hope they ship internationally.

  5. @obie, haha I'm not as good with makeup as I'd like to be, but practice makes perfect, right?
    Hahaha, uhm, thanx I guess :P

    @sarah & Cappu, thanx girls :)

    @Paula, I'm sure you can use other brands that are available for you, but if you ever really need some, I could always send some. But the shippingcosts are probably very high.