Saturday, December 19, 2009

EOTD: Ice Ice Baby

I probably don't have to tell you what inspired me to make this EOTD. :)

When I look outside, there's nothing but white and a little blueish glow.
I love the way the world looks with a litlle coating of snow and ice, so why not make my eyes look like that?
This EOTD is also very suitable for fantasy fairs, or stuff like that. I would apply more dramatic eyeshadow for oone of those though.

What did I use to make this EOTD?
  • 88 palette
  • soft black eyebrowpencil by Gosh
  • Volume boost, base mascara by Essence
  • Effect powder 'Blue Diamond' by Gosh
  • Dazzle Dust 'nr 78' by Barry M.
  • Gosh eyeshadowbase
  • Smoky palette (purple one) by Bourjois
  • 2in1 kajal pencil by Essence(or just a white eyelinerpen)

This EOTD is pretty easy to create. I started with the eyeshadowbase, which I applied as usual. Then I used a very light whitish highlighter below my brows. The brows are done as usual, I don't think I have to exlain those again.
On the inner eyecorner I used a white eyeshadow from the Bourjois palette. Next to that I used different shades of light silver and pale blue from the 88palette. You can use any colour blue that you like, it just has to have that icey touch to it. On te outer corner and the crease I used the Blue Diamond effect powder.

In the corner I also used a little of the Barry M. Dazzle Dust.
BElow the eye I used the same white and blue colours again. And a little Barry M again in te corner. On my waterline I used a white eyelinerpencil. To give it that extra special winter look, I sed the volume boost base mascara. This one is white and has little particals that cling to your lashes, giving it that icy look.

I hope you like this one, it's a bit...different than my usual EOTD's , hahaha.

And this is how I actually am going outside ;)

I have a very pale skintone and the pale makeup really made me look...different..and creepy, hahah.

Still, with the black mascara it still looked weird, I'm used to wearing darker colours around my eyes.

I also used a little more effect powder and dazzle dust, to give it a little more colour.


  1. I really really like the white mascara! No need to put the black one on dear ;-)

  2. hahaha thanx, but it was getting just a bit too creepy with my light skintone, to go out like that shopping. ;)