Monday, December 7, 2009

'Buy one, get one for free' at Kruidvat: what Ive bought

So, today started 'buy one, get one for free' of all GOSH articles at Kruidvat (in the Netherlands).
Ofcourse I wanted to be there today, because with these kind of bargains, the makeup sells out pretty fast in our mall.
And since it's monday, and monday is usually an everything-goes-wrong-day, I was there an hour too early. On mondays some shops don't open untill 13:00. So I spend some time in other stores looking for babygifts and such, because somewhere this month there will be a new addition to my sister in laws' family.
Finally the clock struck one, and the store opened. To my surprise, there wasn't any sign of the bargain I was coming for. So I asked one of the employees and apparantly on mondays it -is- registered in the register, but not all the bargains are on display yet.
Well, as long as I would get the discount, I didnt mind.

Apparantly lots of people bought eyeshadows for Sinterklaas, because the eyeshadow that I wanted, was sold out. Not that it mattered, because there were lots of other things i wanted aswell.

I bought 5 velvet touch eyeliners: these come in lots of different colours and are very easy to use. The fact that they are waterproof aswell is a nice bonus.
And I bought 3 effect powders, these are great to use as eyeshadow, but one of the other GOSH ambassadors told us that they are great to use as an eyeliner aswell.

Effect powders:
-Apple Jam

Velvet touch eyeliners:
-Rising Sun
-Lemon Soda
-Woody Green
-Purple Stain
-Funky Violet

I've made some swatches, so you can see how they look on your skin.
Indoor with a lamp and with daylight:

The swatches are made in the same order as listed above.
As you can see, the effect powders aren't easy to photograph. You can't really see the shimmer that makes them so beautifull. So I'll try to describe them as best as I can.
Plummy: This is a red/brown powder with red shimmers in it.
Apple Jam: This is a bright green with golden/green shimmers in it.
Butterfly: This is a purple colour with a blue/lilac shimmer.

Btw, despite of what I've posted earlier, the discount -was- calculated as 50%, so that's even a bigger bargain!

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