Thursday, December 10, 2009

a bath with Satsumo Santa

As shown in my profile, I work at Lush Mailorder in Amsterdam. I get to smell all the wonderfull fragrances that Lush has to offer every workday. Every year we are very excited to see the christmas products, because they are limitedly available every year. This years theme was 'Fairytale' , which I think is awesome. I loved fairytales as a kid and honestly I still do now. I think these are the best christmas products we ever had!

Satsumo Santa was immediately one of my favourite scents, and for some reason, it's not one of the bestsellers. Which to me, seems a real shame, because it's such a nice product. That's why I decided to write a blog about this very special santa.

I used half a Satsumo Santa, but if you don't want to kill him, you can ofcourse use a whole one. When I threw it in the bath, where it slowly dissolved, my water turned a soft orange/pink colour. It smelled wonderfull, so nice, that even my cats came sniffing in the bathroom. It's pretty hard to describe a scent, but to me it smelled fruity and blossomy, just like a perfume. It didn't dehydrate my skin, like a lot of (cheap) products do, and my skin smelled wonderfull the rest of the day.
Loki, the craziest cat of our family, thought it smelled lovely too, because he jumped on the side of the tub and put his paws in the water. He kept circling them around and sniffing the water, it was realy cute! Even Odin, who isn't as fond of adventures as his brother, came sniffing next to the tub.

Satsumo Santa is a bath ballistic, that means you put it in the bath and it slowly fizzes/dissolves into the water. This product is super cute because it is in a little Santa shape. Its has reviving orange oils, so it's perfect for the cold and wet winternights.

If you haven't tried this product yet, please do. Its a lovely product and the cuteness of it makes it perfect to give as a present.
It's available at Lush stores, but don't wait to long, because it's a christmas product! (:Limited time available)
You can also order it at the Lush Mailorders, and if you order it HERE, I might even be the one that cares for you package!


  1. ik heb helaas geen bad maarrrrr wil wel als we verhuizen een huis met een bad pvodie

  2. Je kunt ook een zitbad kopen, die passen vaak in de kleinste badkamers wel, of gewoon een voetenbadje, ook lekker ;)

  3. Omg that is adorable. I'm going to look tomorrow at the Lush store in the Dallas Galleria and see if they have them. How much do they run?

  4. Hey Obs, I think they are around 6 dollars, you can look it up on the site: It's filed under 'Christmas'. :)