Thursday, December 10, 2009

Baroque and Plummy by Gosh

Today I woke up with a killerheadache, you know the ones that makes you nauseous and the light hurts your eyes? On top of that my nose was bleeding, so that was a nice way to start my day. Nothing ever helps for those headaches, except sleep, but today was a workday. Thankfully, I have incredibly sweet collegues and an awesome boss, so I got to stay home from work. I went back to bed and slept the whole morning away. When I woke up for the second time, I felt a lot better. The headache was still there, but more like an annoying buzz at the back of my head. So I didn't do much today, because the headache might have come back if I did.
I did make an EOTD, which is shown below. I hope the pics are clear enough, I didn't make much of them, because my head did -not- like the flashes of my cam.

This EOTD was made with the quattro palette 'Baroque' and the effect powder 'Plummy' , both by Gosh. I used the effect powder over and a little above the darkest colour of the palette.
Other things I used: eyeshadowbase, eyebrowpencil, round eyeshadowbrush, flat eyeshadowbrush, fine slanted eyeshadowbrush and the fine eyeliner brush. All by Gosh. As a mascara I used the L'oreal Lash Architect, mightnight black.

As an eyeliner I used the brown metalglam eyeliner by Essence on my eylid and as a wing.
Below my eyes I used a little effect powder to make a nice little line. The fine eyeliner brush by Gosh is perfect for that.

The effectpowder is really hard to photograph, but here you can see it a little better:


  1. erg mooi , ik houd ook altijd van deze heerlijke looks

  2. Thanx ik vind jou looks altijd erg leuk. Maar dat komt ook omdat jij niet zulke diepliggende ogen hebt als ik, vind dat veel mooier :)